5 Award Winning Skis and Ski Boots

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 7:56:06 AM America/Denver

Picking out that perfect new pair of skis or ski boots can be quite the conundrum, requiring extensive research before you even get to the point where you start trying them out. With so many different styles, models, and designs on the marketplace, it’s hard to even know where to begin. While outside sources should not be used as the sole decision making factor when researching a new pair of skis or ski boots, award-winning products definitely have some clout. These award winning skis and ski boots have been tested by experts and should be kept on your radar while shopping for this season’s ski gear.

Head Kore 93 Men’s Skis

The This completely redesigned 7 series takes Rossignol innovation to a whole new level. The Head Kore 93 is an ideal lightweight, all mountain ski. The 93 is the winner of eight different ski awards for the year, including Ski Magazine Gold Medal Gear, Freeskier Magazine Editor's Pick, and the Men's Journal 2018 Award among others. Powder Magazine exclaims of the 93, “A stable ski ideal for all-mountain play. The one ski in this group without metal, its lightweight carbon/wood construction (1614 grams per ski) doesn't chatter - it just rips.” The Head Kore 93 features a Graphene-Koroyd-Carbon Sandwich Cap Construction, a Karuba lightweight wooden core, and a tip-tail rocker for easy turning and great flotation. The skis are remarked for their capacity to carve through powder and charge across bumpy terrain. Head’s new Topless Tech serves as an unsurpassed weight reduction mechanism, replacing a traditional plastic topsheet with polyester fleece. The Head Kore 93 are a pair of powerful skis at an astonishingly light weight.

Rossignol Soul 7 HD Men’s Skis and Sky 7 HD Women’s Skis

This completely redesigned 7 series takes Rossignol innovation to a whole new level. The Rossignol Soul 7 HD for men and the Rossignol Sky 7 HD for women are acclaimed as two of the most versatile skis in freeride with more edge grip, stability, and power. These skis feature the Air Tip 2.0, a reinforced 3D structure that reduces chatter and is lighter and stronger than ever before. These products are the winners of multiple ski awards for the year including Ski Magazine Gold Medal Gear, Mountain Magazine Editors Choice, and On the Snow Editor’s Choice, among others. The Soul 7 HD and Sky 7 HD are designed with a carbon alloy matrix and paulownia wood core. The skis feature a minicap sandwich and powder turn rockers, ideal for skiing in soft snow. The honeycombed tips are sure to make the Soul 7 and Sky 7 stand out from the crowd. Much lighter and more playful than metal, these skis definitely earn their accolades on the slopes.

Rossignol Experience 88 HD Men’s Ski

The Rossignol Experience 88 HD is a high performance ski regarded as a carving-machine and is a great addition to any expert skier’s quiver. Its true power comes from Rossignol’s newest Carbon Alloy Matrix technology, which is a blend of lightweight carbon fiber and shock-absorbing basalt fiber. In this product, Rossignol also features its Air Tip technology, which include honeycomb air pockets in the tip that reduce weight, a minicap sandwich, and a tip and tail rocker. The Experience 88 HD has won seven ski awards for the year, including Ski Magazine Gold Medal Gear, Mountain Best in Test, and Mountain Editor’s Choice, among others. On or off the trail, the Experience 88 HD will exceed expectations.

Rossignol Allspeed Pro 120 Men’s Ski Boots

A boot designed for expert skiers, the Rossignol Allspeed Pro 120 is a stiff, medium last, all mountain product. The Pro 120 features Sensor Blade shell technology that works to reduce weight and provide power directly downwards into the ski. These boots offer Flex Adjustment for easy performance tweaks and are regarded as a favorite among fitters. The Allspeed Pro 120 boots are sure to keep your feet warm and comfortable even on the coldest of days with Custom OptiSensor Thinsulate Platinum liners. These Rossignol boots have earned five ski awards for the year including America's Best Bootfiters Fitters Favorite, Ski Magazine Gear Guide Gold Medal Gear, and On the Snow Editors Choice, among others.

Head Advant Edge 85 Women’s Ski Boot

A versatile boot, the Head Advant Edge 85 is ideal for the athletic beginner through the advanced skier, offering plenty of customization options. These boots feature the Perfect Fit S liner, four alloy metal buckles, an adjustable flex setting and an adjustable flex height. Head’s Easy Entry Shell makes for added comfort so that you can slide your boot on with one hand. Head's Bi-Injected Control Frame increases power and control, constructed from a stiffer plastic across the boot’s sole and spine areas. An added bonus? These boots are heat system ready, so you can install your favorite set-up in the coldest of temperatures. The Head Advant Edge 85 boots earned this year’s America's Best Bootfitters Fitters Favorite. These boots are chock full of technology to help you ski better with less hassle.  
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