Burton Clash Mens Snowboard 2014-15

Burton Burton Clash Mens Snowboard 2014-15

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The Mens Burton Clash is easy to ride, even easier on the wallet, the Burton Clash is ideal for mastering the basics and blasting your first airs. Its progression-friendly design pairs the relaxed feel of V-Rocker with Cruise ControlÕs convex base for the ultimate in catch-free fun. Softer and mellower than the Blunt, the Clash is built for riders who want to get straight to the fun of cruising with their friends.


Approximate Weight: Feels normal enough
On Snow Feel: The flat to rocker profile is so much better one footing off the chair.  It's much more stable and it's easier to go down long flat runs too. Overall a nice improvement.
Powder:  Same great easy floating ride with their flat to rocker profile. -25mm is a lot of set back and combined with the tapered tail it makes for a very easy floating ride. It's a great board for those that plan to see a lot of powder when starting out and it floats like a champ.
Turn Initiation and Carving: You can't expect much here with this camber profile but it's easy to turn and that's really all you want with this board.  As you get better the turning will become boring but it will help you get the basics of turning down so one day you will be able to handle a really dynamic turner like the Flight Attendant. It would of been nice to see a little camber in the tail like the Barracuda but I can see why Burton choose flat top because of how easy it is.
Speed: It's not ideal for straight lining your steepest hill but it's fine with a little moderate mountain speed.
Uneven Terrain: Very good at handling messy end of the day resort snow so you can keep at it from first chair to last. It's not that bad in bumps if they are soft too.
Edge Hold: This to me is the biggest problem with the Clash.  It's not really good for anything but med/soft snow to powder.  Burton's Frost Bite Edge Hold tech doesn't really bite and you can feel the Clash slip out under foot if you hit a medium to hard snow patch in what is mostly soft snow.  The boards fun easy personality falls apart when the snow get's hard so only get this board if you plan to ride in powder to soft snow.  If they could bump up the edge hold tech this would be a much more recommendable board as for beginner/intermediate riders edge hold is really important.
Flex: Nice soft easy buttery flex that is pretty unique.  It's got a freeride shape with a freestyle flex.
Switch:  Doable but not perfect.  If you want to center this up it won't be bad but you will feel that the nose and tail are different.
Jibbing: Usually a board of this shape would absolutely suck in the jib park but this is pretty good.
Pipe: Not ideal here because there is no edge hold but if you want to give it a go when the pipe is soft you shouldn't have much trouble.
Jumps: Not a lot of pop here and it feels a little less poppy than the V rocker model.  However for beginners it's a worth while trade to have more stability between the feet than pop.

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