Liquid Force Doum Pro Wakesurf Board 2015

Liquid Force Liquid Force Doum Pro Wakesurf Board 2015

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The Liquid Force DOUM PRO is an Advanced-Expert Wakesurf Board.  Super fast and responsive skim machine!  Super lightweight, high performance skimming is what the new DOUM PRO SKIM is all about.  Featuring an all new construction process that begins with a precision CNC milled EPS foam core and a special fiberglass layup to maximize strength while reducing weight.  The Pro Skim is the faster, lighter, and more responsive younger brother of the Doum Skim. 


It still features the tip and tail channels for control riding regular or switch, but has a snappier more maneuverable feel due to the high performance core.  Ride it as a single, twin, or tri fin to give you options to skim, slide, or shred harder than you ever imagined.  * Precision CNC milled EPS Core - Super lightweight performance at its heart* Lightweight Vaccuum Formed Shell - Super lightweight performance at its heart* Crisp Rail Edge Nose to Tail - Provides a clean water release for smooth glide and increased speed* Noe and Tail Channel - Gives control when riding reverse or switch* Versatile 3 Fin Options - Ride it as a single for classic skimming, as a twin for loose shralping, or a tri for positive driving* Large Grooved EVA Deck Pads - Lock your feet into the positive control and grip Length:     Width:     Weight Range:54";  20.4";   Up to 190 lbs58";  20.7";   160 - 240 lbs

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