Liquid Force Fish Wake Surf Board 2015

Liquid Force Liquid Force Fish Wake Surf Board 2015

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The Liquid Force FISH is a Beginner-Intermediate Wake Surf board for anyone ready to step up their surf game!  The LF FISH is a board that everyone on the boat can enjoy.  Its full shape gives beginners an easy platform to learn and glide, while the seasoned riders can carve and slaysh on its loose feel.  It features a unique swallow tail design, grooved EVA full deck pads and durable construction...


Whether you're just starting out or need one board for a group of riders, jump on a FISH and feel the fun!* Winged Swallow Tail - Fish Outline - Fuller shape/outline to provide maximum float and drive* Compression Molded Design - Maximum durability* Single-to-Double Concave Hull - Smooth and efficient water flow with extra lift* Interchangeable 2+1 Fin Set-up - Adapt the set-up to suit your own riding style* Larger EVA Deck Pad for 2015...Fulller Coverage - Solid sure-footed traction and control nose to tail Length:; Width:; Weight Range:5'0" 19.8";   Up to 180 lbs5'3";  20.3";   Up to 210 lbs5'6";  20.4";   170 - 250+ lbs

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