Liquid Force Reflex Wake Skate 2015

Liquid Force Liquid Force Reflex Wake Skate 2015

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The Liquid Force REFLEX is a Beginner-Advanced Wake Skate.  The REFLEX is a unique skate that will help take your riding to that next level!  The Three Stage Rocker, soft Constant Rail Edge, and concave deck will help any rider skate like never before.  Slim and lightweight, this board is a comfortable and consistent daily performer for those looking to get more serious about wake skating!


*Rider level: Beginner - Advanced*Progressive 3-Stage Rocker - Aggressive 3-Stage Rocker combined with a continous rocker.  This rocker profile allows the board to stay under your feet as you edge or leave the wake* Single Concave - Complimented with a single concave throughout the board that helps the board track even truer, with a fin or without, when you are on edge* Wood Construction - Decks that are pressed one at a time and individually CNC cut to a shape that will allow any rider, at any level to ride.  Once the board is machined it goes thru a varnishing process twice to ensure a quality seal* Constant Rail Edge - The rail of the board is soft throughout.  This allows the board to have a forgiving feel* Skate Fin - Comes equipped with two 1.0 skate fins* EVA Deck - Deck comes with applied die cut machined EVA grip that has been redesigned for this year.  The grip offers much improved traction and Obscura logo branding Length:;Width:; Weight Range: 42";   15.1";    Up to 165 lbs

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