Marker Jester 16 Ski Bindings 2014-15

Marker Marker Jester 16 Ski Bindings 2014-15

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The Marker Jester Binding is for the high-performance minded freeskier who wants a secure binding offering maximum performance.


- Toe: Triple Pivot Elite Toe - With a horizontally oriented spring, it provides the highest energy absorption to reduce the risk of early release. The secure purchase on the boot lug optimizes power transmission and allows for durable, high energy use. The performance to weight ratio of the Triple Pivot toe is truly unmatched in the industry.
- Gliding AFD: Stainless steel and allows a precise release unhindered by dirt, snow and ice buildup
- Heel: Inter Pivot Heel - Industry-leading construction delivers superior holding power for all types of freeskiing. Its design focuses power in the direction of the boot sole, increasing elasticity. The overall design creates optimum power transmission.
- EPS System: Dual-screw brake pad Special Features Power Width Design - The original Marker breakthrough for wider freeskiing skis. Based on a 76mm platform, the wider connection brackets create better power transmission.
- Magnesium Parts: Magnesium?s lightweight and high strength make it perfect for Marker?s high-end products.
- Recommended Use: Freeskiing
- Ability Level: Advanced-Expert
- Rider Weight: 130 lbs+
- Ability Level:
- DIN: 6-16
- Warrantly: 3 Years

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