Marker Squire Ski Bindings 2014-15

Marker Marker Squire Ski Bindings 2014-15

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The Marker Squire suits the skier who wants a light weight, versatile freeskiing binding that offers powerful energy transmission.


- AFD Gliding Plate:
All Marker bindings are equipped with a moveable AFD (anti friction device), allowing a precise release, unhindered by dirt, snow and ice buildup. The type of AFD is matched to the skier type, ensuring perfect functionality ? from racing to junior bindings and even ski touring.
- Triple Pivot Light Toe: This compact design features a horizontally oriented spring. The Triple Pivot Light toe offers a unique combination of light weight and solid power transmission.
- The Hollow Linkage Heel: The Hollow Linkage Heel features a hollow horizontal axle that saves weight and maximizes power transmission, creating a light weight product with phenomenal power transmission.
- Power Width Design:
The original Marker breakthrough for wider freeskiing skis, based on a 76mm platform. Wider connection brackets create better power transmission for all Marker Royal Family and Tour bindings.
- DIN range:
3 - 11
- Recom. Skier's Weight: 65-240 lbs
- Height w/o ski: 22mm Brake
- Width: 90mm and 110mm (136 available)
- Toe System: Triple Pivot Elite & Gliding: AFD Stainless Steel Height Adjustable
- Step-in heel:  Hollow Linkage
- EPS system: Dual-screw Brake Pad

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