K2 Poacher Mens Demo Skis w/Bindings 2016-17

K2 K2 Poacher Mens Demo Skis w/Bindings 2016-17

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Looking for an all-terrian rocker, all-mountain, and aggressive ski? Buy these K2 Poacher Mens Demo Skis w/Bindings 2016-17. Developed by Vila and Jordan, the flagship tool of choice to poach the streets, icy park or spring slush. Our Demo Skis & Snowboards are the perfect value package! Each demo has been used but is tuned by our skilled technicians prior to being shipped. Purchasing our demos provides an approachable price with un-compromised performance. While each demo varies cosmetically, they all will inspire confidence while looking great. Please keep in mind that demo orders take 4-5 weekdays to process. We do not provide return shipping for demo orders. Bindings may vary.



- 124/96/118
- All-terrain rocker
- 19m @ 184 turning radius
- Double barrel- fir-aspen core
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