5 Ways to Keep Your Ski Season Stoke From Home

Can’t shred the gnar because the ski resorts are closed and you’re stuck at home in isolation? It’s not ideal — and we here at UtahSkis totally understand. Being cooped up at home during the height of ski season can feel like torture — especially if you live in a mountain town where the powdery peaks outside your window taunt you from afar.

Woman in ski helmet and ski jacket looking at snowy mountains from a balcony

The good news? By staying home and abiding by the regulations put in place for the time being, we’re increasing the chance the ski resorts will be able to open up before the end of the season. In the meantime? Here’s five ways to help you keep your ski season stoke from home.

Utilize Entertainment Mediums

The internet, YouTube, movies, and dozens of streaming services can serve as treasure troves of snow sport inspiration. If you have access to Amazon Prime, check out the Outside TV channel where you can find dozens of rad snow sports series and films, like Jeremy Jones’ recent film Roadless. YouTube has long been the go-to place for checking out short clips from your favorite athletes in the sport — and a great resource for finding tutorials on new skills or tricks you’d like to learn.

Organize Your Gear Closet

In the throes of the ski season, this is the probably the last thing on your mind. But you can take advantage of this down time to get your gear closet cleaned out and organized for the rest of the season — or worst case scenario, in preparation for next year. Additionally, this is a good opportunity to inspect your skis or boards, give them a good wax, and perform any necessary repairs.

Maintain Your Fitness Level

Backpacker hiking along a mountain trail

If you fear losing the fitness you’ve attained so far this season, start a daily exercise regime to help keep those ski muscles strong. A few suggestions include a few combination rounds of dumbbell lifts, bodyweight squats, skater hops, planks, and lunges. Record how many reps you start with and see if you can increase the number over time. And don’t forget to mix in some cardio to keep your endurance up — running, biking, and interval training are great options for this purpose.

Snag Deals & Shop Gear Online

Although most brick and mortar ski shops are closed, you can still shop for new gear online. In addition, tons of retailers and manufacturers are offering markdowns on products at this time, making it the perfect opportunity to score those bindings you’ve been eyeing or perhaps a new ski jacket. Because of the physical closures, many brands are offering free shipping, as well. Right now, Spring Clearance deals are in full swing at UtahSkis — and you can find tons of this year’s brand name gear for up to 50% off.

Get Outside — But Stay Local

There’s never been a better time to pick up a new outdoor hobby. If you live near uncrowded hiking trails, try getting outside and hiking every day. If there are no trails near you, take advantage of nearby municipal parks. Bring your four-legged companion along — if you have one — dogs love going on walks and maybe some of their stoke will fire you up, as well. Biking is also a good way to get outside locally while maintaining proper social distancing measures. If you’re new to biking, it’s a great time to learn, and if you’re experienced, see if you can push your limits and set goals to attain.

Person stargazing in a snowy field

While we know these recommendations can’t make up for the joy found on the mountainside, perhaps the wait can teach us all to better appreciate the privilege we have. While time passes by, the mountains remain — and they’ll be there when we can return to them.
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