7 Tips For Your First Ski Trip

So you’re looking to go on your first ski trip. First of all, congrats! This is going to be a blast. We have curated 7 tips for your first ski trip in order to minimize stress and maximize fun. Because fun is priority number one...sorry for that rhyme.

1. Figure out which resort(s) are best for you.

A lot of resorts strive to offer a variety of terrain for all different styles of skiing. This is good news for many that are on their first ski trip.

However, there is still variation in the ratios of difficult to easy runs that a resort has. Some resorts have more difficult terrain with the blue and green runs not being the best for beginners. The opposite may also be true.

Another thing that is good to think about is the town that the resort is in. Some ski villages can be rather quiet and relaxing while others make you wonder how anyone has the energy to ski the next day. Some can be big enough to have both.

One last thing to think about is which resort or area is getting snow at the time. This is a tricky one especially when booking everything in advance.

It is rather impossible to predict how the snow will be more than a couple weeks in advance. Look at trends for the season. That is probably the best bet. Or just book last minute...you wild child.

2. Rent or bring? Fly or ship?

The days are over where all rental equipment sucks, many ski resorts offer rather high end boots, skis, and boards. It is still important though to research the quality of rental equipment your resort has. For renting in the Utah area, consider renting from our sister company Ski N See.

While renting comes with a price, you don’t have to lugg that gear through the airport and pay for the associated baggage fees. Ski and snowboard boots probably won’t be fitted as well as your personal ones. But, if that doesn’t bother you then it doesn’t bother you.

If you are bringing your own gear, you may consider the alternative to lugging it through the airport and just shipping it instead.

Much like the service Bike Flights, Ship Skis exists to make your first ski trip nice and easy. It ships your skis right to where you’ll be staying. This is much easier and oftentimes even saves money compared to checking your skis on a plane.

3. Always carry on the can’t-go-withouts.

Checked baggage, especially when you have stops along the journey, can sometimes not make it to the destination. This can put a huge damper on your first ski trip.

If you plan to bring your gear, carry on the essentials. Things like ski boots, socks, base layers, boots on rental skis is far superior to bad fitting boots on great skis.

4. Save, save, save.

Just do it. Having extra fun money outside of skiing and during the day will be worth it.

5. Get in shape and acclimated.

Some of us ski and snowboard all winter long while some of us leave our tanks reserved for going all out for a week or two. Either way, being in good skiing shape for the terrain you’ll be on is crucial to maximizing enjoyment.

Not to say that sore and tired legs will ruin your trip. It actually feels rewarding in a way. You will be able to go longer and do more with an in shape body. The biggest plus to being in shape is avoiding injury.

Focus on training your legs first and foremost, lots of lunges and squats or even skier jumps. As we know it is very beneficial to train your entire body for proper balance so don’t forget everything else.

Skiing in the mountains often means elevation. If you are not used to high elevation keep in mind it could take a day or two to acclimate. Beyond that you may be more likely to fatigue for most of your trip due to the elevation.

6. Pack for before and after the slopes.

Don’t forget that you will be doing things outside of the ski hill. Bring some warm boots and a change of clothes/base layers that you won’t ski with. This way you won’t have to wear wet clothes and freeze your butt off when going out.

Pack at least, underwear, and boots separate from your ski gear. You are in the mountains and this still applies when not on the slopes.

7. Ski with a buddy.

Ski accidents happen all the time and patrol is very good at handling these situations. Nevertheless, it is best to have a buddy system on your first ski trip and really anytime you ski for that matter. If no one is there to see you need help then how can they help you?

You are far from home and are experiencing new terrain that you may not be used to. Establish at least one person that you will ski with at all times, this way you can keep each other in check.

If you are going on a trip solo, try to meet someone on the chair lift, there are tons of people looking to ski with someone just like you are.

Everyone plans and prepares differently for their ski trips. The more you do them the more you will figure out what works best for you. These tips are a great starting point to work from and to alter how you like.

Above all, have fun and plan to change your plan. Because that is what taking trips is all about, something new, unexpected, and exciting. Need any gear in preparation for your trip? We’ve got you covered. Get ready for the ski trip of a lifetime.
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