Demo Day: 2016/2017 Skis and Snowboards

Skiers and snowboarders checking out demo day tents

Demo day was a huge success, despite the windy weather. We all had a great time sharing a laughs and racing down the mountain. Our crew got to check out the hot new skis and boards for the 2016-2017 season and we want to share with you, a few of our favorites.

Demo day skier group posing in front of Smith and Prizm Lens Technology tents

Womens Snowboards

Burton Lipstick - This is my all-time favorite board. The Lipstick is a flat top women’s board that is stiff enough to let you rip the mountain while feeling stable at high speeds. What more can I say? It’s a winner. And it has a great graphic!

Nitro Mystique - Nitro is new (to us) for the 2016-2017 season and I was lucky enough to demo more than a few of their boards! This is a direction twin board with gullwing rocker. This makes for easy initiation of turns and a nice float when you find the powder. The Mystique is the perfect all-mountain board for the girl that is looking to explore the mountain with steeze.

Womens Skis

Blizzard Black Pearl - This ski is a gem! It’s got FlipCore rocker technology which gives you the benefit of natural flex, flotation, stability at high speeds and easy maneuverability! This ski is a favorite in the women’s line up! P.S. We already have this in stock (get it before its even released).

4 Front Madonna - They don’t call this the Madonna for nothing! This is made for the ski diva. This all-mountain ski has a camber with rocker profile to give you what you want, when you want it. This ski rips in the powder and gives you maximum stability on the groomers. I highly recommend it. Plus all 4 Front skis are 15% lighter this coming year.

Atomic skis from ski lift

Mens Skis

Atomic Backland 102 - “The backland is a light, snappy ski that inspired confidence in crappy conditions,” said Ryan Larsen, General Manager, “It had a firm edge hold. This was one of the favorites from the day.”

Line Sick Day 95 - A classic. Skiers have loved this ski since the beginning. This all mountain ski is made with a Maple lite core to get rid of unnecessary weight. Plus, we know you can’t ignore this stellar graphic. Utah Skis graphic designer, Andrew Anderson said, “I felt that I was in control of my turns. The skis also felt lighter than skis I had previously ridden. By far my favorite.” Line nailed it again!

Salomon QST 106 - Chuck Schollmeyer, Downtown Store Manager thought the QST 106 was lively and playful! What more can you ask for in a ski? “This ski will definitely be my go-to from now on. The edge hold was great,” added Schollmeyer.

4 Front Devastator - Word on the street is that all 4 Front skis are 15% lighter for the 2016-2017 season and Keith Shelton, warranty assistant manager, didn’t hesitate to give them a try! “The Devastator does everything you’ll ever need it to. This ski has the perfect flex and is very nimble and light,” Shelton said, “It made any turn I wanted without having to fight it. I had a great time.”

Snowboarders posing with their snowboards on demo day

Mens Snowboards

Nitro Team - Nitro is new to the line-up this coming year, and our employees got to be the first to dive in, how exciting! “This full camber board was great for the not so great conditions at demo day. It did awesome on hard pack and was stable the whole ride.” - Ryan Mazzella, Sandy assistant store manager.

K2 Cool Bean - The unique shape of this board makes for killer turns in any conditions, just ask Logan Pectol, Bountiful store employee, “The Cool Bean has a great shape! It’s surfy in the slush and rips on the groomers.”

Burton Trick Pony - “The Trick Pony has always been one of my go-to boards. Next year it has a new shape and profile that has makes it one of the most versatile twin boards out there,” said Ian Ericksen, Bountiful Store Manager. New pure pop camber makes it great for the groomers while still allowing you to float in the powder.

Burton Flight Attendant - If you like more of a directional feel, this board does it all. “This is one of the best directional all-mountain boards out there. I liked this board because I felt stable at high speeds and it plowed through the chop. It has excellent side cut and perfect flex,” Zac Oman, Bountiful store employee, said.

Well there you have it folks! Here are a few skis you have to look forward to next season! If you are ready to buy now check us out online at UtahSkis, Don’t forget that prices are falling and we are selling out quick!

Skiers and snowboarders visiting demo day tents
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