Demo Days: 2015/2016 Skis and Snowboards

People looking at demo skis on Demo Day

Fully Tuned, Deeply Discounted Demo Skis

As a ski retail company, we understand that choosing the right skis/snowboard to buy is an important decision. That is why we like to make sure we are always one step ahead on the latest and greatest gear.

We want to help you find the skis or board that will allow you to have the most fun on the mountain possible. Our employees have expert knowledge and hands on experience with all of the products we sell. Last week the Utah Skis team went up to Snowbasin to demo the 2015/2016 gear. We had 30 of our employees up there testing skis, snowboards, helmets, goggles, and we can’t wait to get this gear into our shops next season! Every year it becomes more and more difficult to pick out our favorite skis and boards because there is no clear cut winner anymore. With all of the new technology, skis are becoming so good these days, it’s hard to go wrong when making a new purchase. However, here are some that stood out to us for the 2015/2016 season:


Atomic Vantage series 90 and 95 – The Atomic Vantage is very lively in and out of the turns and a great all Mountain ski. The lightweight construction and shape of this ski makes it easy to maneuver and has great stability when charging. Ryan Larsen, Ski ‘N See General Manager, says that this is one of those skis that will fit the needs of anyone on the mountain and perform well in all of the variable conditions in the Wasatch.

Atomic Vantage skis

K2 Pinncale 95 – The Pinnacle line up is a new series next year that is replacing the Annex series. Jason Williams, Ski ‘N See buyer, says the Pinnacle is a great versatile ski for all conditions. It is lightweight, lively, and playful in the super hard pack and on the nice and soft. It is perfectly suited for the Wasatch and our ever changing conditions here in Utah.

K2 Pinnacle 95 skis

Armada Invictus 95 – The Invictus 95 is a big, beefy, hard charger that handles high speeds well, but it was still very lively and playful. It is fun for carving on groomers while it still performs well in the variable conditions off-piste.

Armada Invictus 95 skis


Atomic Century 102 – The Century is a great all-mountain ski that will fit the needs of every skier. It is playful in the powder, powerful in the crud, and rips on the groomers. The century is light and very maneuverable through tight turns. Great for going off-piste or carving up the groomers.

K2 Luv Sick 80 Ti – The lady shredders out there will be excited to hear that K2 is bringing back the Luv next year! Developed by the women of the K2 Ski Alliance, the Luv series has set the benchmark for women’s skis. If you ever skied on a pair of Luv skis in the past, you know what we are talking about. The light weight core design of the ski makes it easy on the feet and very maneuverable through all conditions. The Luv Sick 80 Ti gives you security and stability through bumps and turns, an awesome all-mountain ski!

Volkl Aura skis

Volkl Aura– The Aura is a versatile, all-mountain ski that inspires confidence and control on the mountain. With the full rocker design, the Aura floats in the powder and rips on the groomers. This ski is very stable and can handle any conditions on the mountain.


Burton Custom Twin (Camber) - Camber seems to be getting a much bigger push this year across all brands and with the Custom Twin it shreds hard with a lot of pop. It’s a classic board that any older style snowboarder used to the camber would love. It is much lighter weight that the older style camber boards. This board rips everywhere on the hill and kills it in the park. The camber makes the board very stable at higher speeds and really holds its edge.

Burton Parkitect 154cm - The Parkitect is your park/pipe board. It is super jibby with a mellowed Flying V shape. The board is a little softer than most but because of the shape the energy transition gives you a good pop. It probably isn’t the best board for big mountain riding but any park rider would love it.

K2 Cool Bean 143cm - Jess Farmer, from the Sandy Ski ‘N See, was stoked on the all-around performance of the Cool Bean (a favorite for the day). At 143cm this is a small board with a fish style tail and is super surfy. The Cool Bean is surprisingly stable on hard-packed groomers. It lays down a carve so hard you are almost horizontal to the ground without slipping out and it has the pop to launch you off a cat-track. Great all around board for those who want something to take on the groomers and in the powder.

K2 Joydriver snowboard

K2 Joydriver 159cm – Like the Cool Bean, this board was great for carving. With a setback camber/lifted zone it shreds hard. This board has great pop and is also super stable. No problem laying down an edge even on the icy, hard pack snow. A very easy board to ride for any skill leveled rider.

Lib Tech T.Rice snowboard

Lib Tech T-Rice – This board is an all mountain ripper. Its profile is perfect for everything. It has a big rocker section between your feet and camber underneath your feat. So you can keep your board contact pretty minimal if desired and have a buttery kind of feel. But if you want some strong hold and contact, you can lay your board on edge and the camber under your feet and the grip of magna traction really lays down some edge power. Ian Ericksen, Ski 'N See Bountiful Manager, liked the versatility of the T-Rice. It’s a good multi personality board. It can be soft and buttery on powder, middle ground everything for groomers or hard and aggressive when you push it.

These reviews just scratch the surface on all the great gear that will be coming to Utah Skis. As we go through this season, we will be testing more skis and boards for next year. Keep checking back to hear about next seasons latest and greatest gear!


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