Finding Your Perfect Pair of Skis

Skier putting Armada skis on ski rack

Need help deciding which type of ski you should buy? Between Frontside skis, All-Mountain Skis, Park Skis….it all can get a bit confusing. The last thing you want to find out half way into ski season is that you bought the wrong type of ski. Make sure to do your research so that you can have an awesome ski season this year on your new sticks! Take this quiz to see what kind of skis you would enjoy skiing on most.

What is your favorite type of terrain?

  • A) I love to ski that corduroy!
  • B) As long as it’s in bounds, I’ll ski it.
  • C) I generally ski with a snorkel because I am getting face shots all day long.
  • D) Concrete walls. Metal railings. Basically everything besides snow. Unless it is a jump.

What kind of weather to you usually ski in?

  • A) I am more of a sunny skies kind of skier
  • B) I am not about to stay up on the mountain to get frost bite, but I will ski in most conditions.
  • C) You will usually find me on the mountain in the middle of a blizzard.
  • D) I like it when it is cold and the snow is packed so I can get more speed.

How often do you ski?

  • A) I try to get out a couple times a year.
  • B) Whenever I have the chance to go with my friends or family.
  • C) Depends on how many powder days there are…but I get out there a lot.
  • D) I rigged up some jibs and rails in my backyard so I basically ski year round.

How fast do you generally go down the mountain?

  • A) I don’t go very often so I am not very comfortable going fast.
  • B) I like to bomb down a groomer every now and then.
  • C) Faster than the avalanche that is chasing me.
  • D) However fast I need to go to land my rodeo 360.  

How often do you fall on the mountain?

  • A) I fall quite a bit. But, I always get back up!
  • B) I rarely fall.
  • C) Yeah I fall, but when I do everyone cheers then my buddies come dig me out of the snow.
  • D) A lot. I have a crash reel that I made last season with my Gopro, want to see it?

If you answered mostly A, you would enjoy a Frontside Ski, if you answered mostly B, you would enjoy an All-Mountain Ski, if you answered mostly C, you would enjoy a Powder Ski, and if you answered mostly D, you would enjoy a Park/Freestyle ski. This is in no way a foolproof method for determining what ski is best for you, but check out the descriptions below to learn a little more about the different types of skis and our favorites for the 2014/2015 season.

Frontside Skis: A frontside ski is best suited for those who aren’t on the slopes very often and like to stay on the groomers or abeginner to the sport. They usually have a narrower waist and sharp edges which are great for carving down the mountain. Frontside skis are perfect for getting more confident on the slopes so you can ski harder and faster. Here are some of our favorite frontside skis this season:


Head Monster 88
Rossi Experience 80
Blizzard Brahma


Head Absolut Joy
K2 Luvit 76
Rossignol Temptation 75

All Mountain Skis: This is a very popular type of ski for intermediate to advanced skiers. Because of its versatility, it appeals most skiers on the mountain. This is a ski that performs well in every type of snow condition. If you like to ski the groomers, but dip into the powder every now and then, you will love what you can do with an All-Mountain ski. Check out some of our favorite All-Mountain Skis this season:


Rossignol Soul 7
4FRNT Kye 110
Nordica Enforcer 100


Volkl Aura
Armada Victa 87 TI
Rossignol Sky 7 HD

Powder Skis: As the name implies, Powder skis are made to ski in that deep, fluffy, powder. They are great for the backcountry and for skiing off the beaten track. With a fat waist, these skis will give you more flotation so you can charge through the powder. Though you can use powder skis on groomed runs, they are more difficult to control on the groomers, so we only recommend them for advanced or expert skiers. Take a look at our favorite Powder Skis this season:


Atomic Backland Bent Chetler
Line Mordecai
Volkl 100Eight


Rossignol Soul 7 HD
Atomic Backland FR 102
Salomon QTS Lumen 99

Park/Freestyle Skis: If you find yourself wanting to spend your day jibbing rails or learning new tricks on the half-pipe, these skis are for you. These skis will have a rocker shape and twin tips, allowing skiers to easily take off or land riding switch. Check out our favorite Park/Freestyle Skis this season:

K2 Press
Line Chronic

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