Keeping Warm on the Slopes

Woman in thick blue ski jacket

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Here in Utah, you could say we know a thing or two about coping with cold weather. It doesn't matter what the temperature is, if there is snow on the ground, we will be venturing into the cold, for the love of skiing. It can be difficult to hit the slopes in such frigid weather, but we have learned some things that can help keep you warm even on the coldest days! Here they are:

1. Wear wicking base layers – This is more important than most people think, because the last thing you want on a cold day is moisture sticking to your body. A wicking base layer will pull the moisture away from your body and keep you warmer. Check out base layers on

2. Waterproof jacket and pants – Maybe it’s obvious, but you would be surprised how many people come up to the resort in a pair of jeans and a ski jacket that hasn’t been waterproof since 1989. Invest in a jacket that will keep you dry, it will be worth it! Check out some of the outerwear we have available here at!

3. Dry your gear – After you have used your gear, take it inside somewhere warm so it can dry out. The dryer your gear is, the warmer you will be.

4. Wear LOTS of layers – If you wear multiple layers versus one giant warm layer, it will keep you warmer. This means base layer, mid layer, outer layer, neck gator, helmet, glove liners, gloves, wool socks, etc.

5. Eat before you hit the slopes – your body needs fuel to keep itself warm. Make sure you have plenty of food and water before you go skiing.

6. Take breaks during the day – It is amazing what a difference 15 minutes in the lodge will make. Sometimes you need to let your body sit somewhere warm to thaw for a minute so it can last the rest of the day in the cold.

7. Use warmers – Stuff hand warmers in your gloves and toe warmers in your boots for a little extra heat, especially if you have bad circulation!

8. Get moving - Your body will warm up if you are skiing hard enough. Push your limits a little bit to get your heart pumping.

9. Warm up your gloves and boots before you go – Place your gloves and boots by a heater before you head up to the mountains. This will give you a little extra heat to keep those toes and fingers warm. Check out top quality Ski Boots we have available here at!

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10. Keep your clothes on - Try not to take off your gloves, helmet, or any other layers for that matter, The more you adjust your clothing, the more cold air you will let in. Try to keep all of your layers on so your body heat can keep you warm. Check out some of the ski equipments we have available here at!

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