Post-Season Gear Buying Guide

Squeeze in a few more days on the slopes if you can — but although the season is drawing to a close, don’t push snow sports from your mind just yet. You’re in the perfect place to start thinking ahead to next year — specifically with regard to your gear.

Think about it. Whether you ski or snowboard, you’ve spent the past five months dedicating mind, body, and soul to carving lines down the mountainside. You’ve likely pushed your limits, learned new skills, built muscle mass, and developed insight into pieces of equipment you’d like to add to your gear closet — as well as items you could go without.

This year’s inventory is dwindling — but prices are still low and spring clearance remains underway. Here are some post-season snow gear buying tips for scoring a few more last-minute deals from UtahSkis.

Best Buying Time of the Year

While the Christmas season is touted “the most wonderful time of the year” you could argue that spring is the best time for buying discounted snow gear. Consider shopping now while the season is fresh in your mind. You probably have a clear picture in your head of what you need and don’t need and a good idea of what you’re wanting to invest in for next year.

By next winter, you might have forgotten that you didn’t like the way a certain jacket fit, or that you actually prefer mitts over gloves on those blustery cold days. Right now, you should have a decent picture in your mind of what’s been working for you on the slopes and places you want to make improvements.

Shop in Shape

With regard to snow clothing and outerwear, right now you’re still in ski shape. This makes for the ideal time for trying on and purchasing items you need that fit you now. If they fit you now, they’ll likely fit you once you’re back in ski shape next season.

Whether you tend to let yourself go in the off-season or not, your snow-sport specific muscles are bound to atrophy to some degree. If you wait to try on and buy clothes at the beginning of next season, you run the risk of poorly fitting gear and discomfort once you’re back in true mountain form.

Get the Goods Before They’re Gone

Widespread spring sales are happening right now — but inventory is running low. Luckily, UtahSkis features a large selection from a variety of top-of-the-line brands, including Oakley, Rossignol, K2, Smith and Nordica, among others.

Maybe you’ve decided you could really use a larger pair of goggles with greater periphery, but you can’t go without interchangeable lenses? Consider picking up this year’s Oakley Airbrake XL, featuring a more flush design, full helmet compatibility, and Switchlock lens technology for 25% off full price.

Was there ever a day you got out on the slopes and couldn’t keep the feeling in your fingers? If no amount of handwarmers did the trick, you likely took long breaks between runs hiding out in the lodge, spending money on warm drinks to thaw your fingers. In addition to the hefty drink bill, you probably didn’t feel like you got the most out of your $100 lift ticket. For those days when gloves just aren’t enough, consider adding a pair of mitts to your inventory.

Women, you can pick up a pair of this year’s Dakine Sequoia GTX mitts right now for 25% off full price. The model features a waterproof GORE-TEX insert and Gore Warm technology with 350g of high loft synthetic insulation. For men, this year’s Dakine Team Baron Trigger and the Burton Empire mitts are solid options listing for more than 20% off full price.

Indulge Your Demo Desires

While there’s never a bad time to buy a new pair of skis, right now you can pick up a pair of last year’s demo skis for more than half off full price. Check out the K2 ALLUVIT 88Ti Women's Demo Skis for 51% off or the Volkl RTM 84 Mens Demo Skis for 48% off. Both of these include high-quality bindings.

The only caveat? Inventory is limited so there are only certain sizes available. The more time that passes, the more inventory will sell out. If you plan on shopping for snow gear during the rest of these spring deals — especially if you’re looking for something specific — it’s time to start looking.
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