The Powder Flu

Skier skiing in deep snow

Hitting the slopes with Utah's Finest Ski Collection

We are seeing a large outbreak of the Powder Flu here in Utah this week as locals and tourists abandon work, school, and all other daily responsibilities to get up to the mountains! What is the Powder Flu? The Powder Flu is an epidemic that spreads rapidly during the winter to skiers and snowboarders alike. We tend to see cases spike heavily here in the Wasatch, specifically during March. How do you know if you're coming down with the Powder Flu? We have come up with a several questions you can ask yourself if you feel you might have come down with this rapidly spreading epidemic.

    • - Has there been a significant amount of dumping of fresh pow at one of your favorite resorts?

    • - Do you find yourself coming up with excuses to shirk your daily responsibilities to escape to the mountains for the day?
    • (For example, you might say you have jury duty, a sick relative, your dog ate your homework/briefcase, your car broke down …etc.)

    • - Do you find yourself getting more and more giddy each time you check the snow report?

    • - Are you sitting in the resort parking lot on a work day at 9:00 AM with your snorkel and skis ready to go?
    • (If your answer is yes to this question, you have UNDOUBTEDLY been affected by the Powder Flu)

If you are lucky, this epidemic will spread throughout your office, leaving it empty and unnecessary to show up. If not…we wish you luck in your powder endeavors. A case of the powder flu left untreated by face shots and fresh turns can lead to an intense resentment of your job, coworkers, and anyone that got their powder fix while you were sitting in your office.

Pray for snow everyone!

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