6 Things to Prep You for Spring Skiing

Happy skiers going off a jump

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Spring Skiing is just around the corner. Although we are sad to see the snow slowly start to melt, there is something about skiing on a bluebird day that is good for the soul. It is a completely different vibe than when you go skiing in January. Just because it is starting to get warm outside, doesn't mean the season is over. Make sure to hit the slopes for spring skiing! Here are six things you should do so you are ready to take on that spring slush.

1. Purchase the most retro ski outfit you can find.

Man posing in retro orange ski suit
(Or find your favorite swimsuit to wear on the slopes. Either is totally acceptable, although taking falls in your swimsuit can be a bit more painful!)

2. Pull out the old grill.

Burger patties and hot dogs on a grill at a spring ski tailgate

Tailgeting is a necessity on bluebird days. Get your friends to each bring up different food to get a whole pot luck going.

3. Buy face sunscreen.

Man with goggle tan lines
*Photo courtesy of www.newschoolers.com

Unless you want an extreme goggle tan…and there is nothing wrong with that.

4. Get a spring riding crew together.

Three women smiling with their skis

Spring skiing is much more fun with friends. You can kick that “no skiing with friends on a powder day” rule out the door once spring rolls around cause it’s all about partying on the mountain with your buddies!

5. Brush up on your pond skimming skills.

Skier pond skimming
*Photo courtesy of Canyons Resort

That’s right. There is plenty of pond skimming in the spring and everyone is welcome to give it a try! If you aren’t into skiing over small bodies of water, get ready to watch others doing it. It is quite entertaining!

6. Tune your skis!

Man tuning a ski

The snow is different in the spring. Make sure to get a new spring wax to help you with the slush.

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