Summertime: Tips for the Off Season

Some of us live for the winter, some of us equally love all seasons. Heck some of us may just put up with the winter because...well who knows? Summertime has arrived and we at UtahSkis hope this post will help you have a great one. Here are some tips for the skiing and snowboarding off season.

Tuck Your Gear in Before it Goes to Bed.

No, we don’t actually mean tuck it in, that would be absurd...right? What we mean is repair and tune everything up! You’ve had a great season and with a great season comes wear on your gear. I get it I get it, we humans are procrastinators.

Gear takes time to be repaired, sometimes a jacket could take 2-3 months! Getting things done ahead of time means you won’t have to worry about it later. This way you are locked and loaded when that 3 feet of snow falls over night.

Stay Active.

Skiing and snowboarding is so fun that we forget it is an actual exercise. Our legs have been built up after using them so much this past winter.

In order to keep them from going scrawny on us we have to keep exercising. Let’s not forget, it is important for our health to exercise all parts of our body. Plus, beach bod right? Better late than never I suppose.

Some good options for exercise could be:

  • 1. Cycling
  • 2. Yoga
  • 3. Crossfit
  • 4. Hovering over the toilet seat
  • 5. Rollerblading
  • 6. Wearing your ski/snowboard boots everywhere you go.

We know other forms of exercise may not be as fun, or hopefully they are! If you are having trouble, just try and show up five minutes every day: it’s consistency that matters. Alternatively, just wear your boots while watching TV. Should be enough ay?

Save for Another Good Season.

Now now, we aren’t advocating for you to sacrifice your amazing summer in preparation for another winter. You may find it helpful to establish some sort of budget to save some extra fun-money next season.

This could take the form of budgeting apps, piggy banks, money under the mattress, or (simply) selling everything you own. Just as long as it is separated and unable to be touched until first turns of the season.

Get Into Turf Skiing/Boarding.

Now that you have read this title, you can forget all about it. Turf sucks, unless you live near this place.

Source: GoPro; Title: GoPro: Jesper Tjäder - CopenHill | Skiing On Top a Building

Although nothing compares to the good ole fluffy stuff, this place is pretty dang sweet. All I imagine is someone in a boardroom saying:

“Let’s convert trash into energy, oh and while we are at it...we might as well put a ski hill on top.”

Making sustainability heckin cool!

Get Involved.

It is tough to organize for an activity if we are in the middle of its prime time. Take this time now to meet some like minded new friends. It never hurts to have more people to ski and ride with.

Whether that be for midday pizza or end of the day drinks. This could also be useful for carpooling which saves money and the planet. C’mon now, we’re social creatures after all!

Pay Attention to Early Bird Deadlines.

Many of us know the benefits of season passes. Did you know that the earlier you get your season pass the cheaper it is? This is known as the early bird special.

Marking the dates in your calendar can oftentimes save you a few hundred bucks. This also creates a deadline for saving up as well. Win win!

If None of This Sounds Doable, Just Drop Everything and Head to the Southern Hemisphere.

We won’t judge, just come back to Utah once your winter 2.0 is over.

So there ya have it, some tips to have an amazing summer. While winter can be exciting and something to look forward to, we can’t forget that life will always be about seasons. Woah, that was deep.

Enjoy your summer and hey, tan those feet! They look like they have been wedged into some stiff boot for months! We must admit, summertime has a lot to offer and it feels pretty great to take it all in.

We may end up going into more detail for some of these topics. Although, summer tends to fly by pretty fast so we’ll see. What tips do you have for the off season or what would you like to learn about? We’ll see you next month right here. Cheers!
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