The Best Ski Podcasts for On (and Off) the Mountain

As snow season draws to a close, it gets harder to keep that acute nostalgia at bay. You find yourself staring longingly at the skis sitting outside your gear closet, pining to don that heavy snow jacket once more, or riding chairlifts in your dreams. Perhaps you’ve started waking up every morning to browse you local hill’s snow report and find yourself cursing the weather forecast instead.

While nothing quite beats that feeling of carving fresh powder, there are plenty of ski-related indulgences to keep your mind occupied during the off season. Don’t waste your summer days reminiscing about the snow — use them to prepare for next winter. However sharp your skills on the slopes might be, there’s always more to learn.

The greatest thing about modern-day technology? Easy access to entertainment and media. Especially when your chosen sport is seasonal, you can fill the rest of the year with listening, watching, and learning more about the biggest players in the game. We’ve compiled a list of the best ski podcasts for on (and off) the mountain — effective for keeping that winter nostalgia at bay.

Best Overall Ski Podcast: Low Pressure

If you’re interested in hearing interviews with some of the most dedicated skiers in the world, the Low Pressure podcast is for you. For those discovering this podcast for the first time, there are more than 130 episodes available to fill your days. The Low Pressure podcast includes conversations that range from big name skiers to sport enthusiasts working behind the scenes. While the podcast runs weekly episodes from November — May, there are occasional summer specials — and plenty of back-logged episodes to keep you entertained.

Best General Mountain Podcast: Wintry Mix

The Vermont based founder tags the most recent episode format with the line ‘locals and visitors, half skiing, half not skiing’. The Wintry Mix podcast broaches a variety of snow-related topics and includes interviews with longtime ski writers, ski industry news, and recent storm reports. The host boasts a previous career in the ski industry and provides for a refreshing, humorous take on all things winter.

Best Skier Interview Podcast: Sponsored

For those seeking to delve into the nitty-gritty details of famous skiers’ lives, Powder Magazine’s podcast series Sponsored fits the bill. Host Mike Powell provides in depth insight into the lives and stories of professional skiers. The podcast features an interview with a different skier each week. Topics include their careers, injuries, successes, and failures.

Best Backcountry Podcast: Totally Deep

Hosts Doug Stenclik and Randy Young talk all things backcountry skiing in the niche podcast Totally Deep. Whether you’re an avid backcountry skier or interested in learning more, the podcast covers a range of topics including ski gear, technique, ski jargon, and science — speckled with enough witty banter to keep things light. The show also touches on other niche sports such as split boarding and Skimo racing.

Best Female-Specific Mountain Podcast: NAUSICAA-CAST

If you like hearing about badass female athletes, Hadley Hammer’s NAUSICAA-CAST podcast is for you. The podcast is inspired by Homer’s NAUSICAA — the first women documented playing games. The conversations feature female athletes across a wide range of extreme sports including free skiing, climbing, ultra running, and surfing — among others. Hammer’s thoughtful questions serve to shed light on these women as individuals as opposed to addressing comparisons within their sports. Not all episodes are ski specific, but the podcast series includes previous interviews with ski idols Amie Engerbretson and Sierra Quitiquit — just to name a few.
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