The Hype On Goggles

Winter goggles

Why do I need to spend money on a goggle with multiple lenses? That is a great question, and I can promise that it isn’t just for looks (most of the time). Goggle technology has come a long way since Bob Smith invented the fog-resistant insulated double-lens goggle in 1965. While the double-lens technology has been improved and is still being used; shape, frame, coating and lens color have changed significantly! Here are a few examples of the best goggle technology we have to offer and why you need them.

Smith I/O7

The I/O7 goggles have been the shop favorite (and best seller) since they were invented. This goggle is great because changing the lens is as easy as lifting one tab and popping out the sides of the lens. Each goggle comes with two lenses; one for sunny days and one for low light days. This is truly the perk of having interchangeable lenses. The weather can be unpredictable here in Utah and having a goggle with two lenses might just save your save your eyes on the slopes!

Oakley Air Brake

This goggle rocks for more reasons than just style. The real special part of this goggle is the Prizm lens (also available in other Oakley goggle styles). The snow Prizm lens is designed to cover a greater range of light and help you see the contrast of the snow better. Because each lens covers a greater light range, it comes with one (prism) lens because that’s all you really need.

Spy Doom

The Doom! Spy really nailed it with the happy lens. Have you ever looked at life in HD? Well that is exactly what the happy lens is designed to do. This lens brightens everything around and provides you with the stellar vision you’ll need on the blue bird days all the way to the stormy flat light days (Spare lens included). The happy lens and quick lens interchangeability is what makes this goggle so unique. The lens is so easy to change; you can do it with one hand, with the frame still on your face. Now that’s convenient.

Anon M3

18 rare earth magnets combine at 9 points of contact. What lens change could be easier than a magnetic one? This is another lens that is so easy to change that you can do it while the frame is still on your face. Let’s not forget about the magnetic face mask integration (MFI) that connects to the bottom of the goggle. There’s no better bonus that a facemask that connects seamlessly to the goggle to protect your face from the cold.


The frontrunner in frameless goggle technology! This goggle has a larger fit (I know you like a little extra peripheral vision on the slopes) and is guaranteed to keep your face warm. Lens changeability is simple, although it is not magnetic or one hand accessible. You can be sure that the lens is on your face nice and solid.

So, what goggle is the perfect one for you?

The only way to find out is try it on and find the one that fits the best. Each of these are truly AWESOME high end goggles and you can’t go wrong with any of them. From personal experience, there is nothing better than having a goggle that doesn’t fog during a storm, and one that you can change for the light conditions. Check them out on or come into any of our 12 locations.

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