The Ultimate Spring Ski Gear Buying Guide

Although ski season is drawing to a close, it’s never too early to start thinking ahead to next year. You might have already put your gear away for the year, but I’ll bet the itch to hit the slopes is just as strong as it was before the season started. The best part about spring? Gear discounts, demo skis, and the opportunity to invest in next year’s ski season. Need some tips to get started? Read our ultimate spring ski gear buying guide — you don’t want to miss out on great deals.

Group of skiers on ski lift with snowy mountains

The Deal with Demos

Have your skis seen their day? Is no amount of tuning going to return that once joyous edge to your decade-old discount skis? If so, it’s time you learned about the advantages of buying demo skis. For those of you who haven’t rented skis in a while, demo skis are high performance skis used by ski resorts. At the end of the season, ski resorts sell them off in order to make room for next year’s demos — allowing you the opportunity to get your hands on a high-end pair of skis for quite the steal. Demo skis are used and therefore can be sold at a price that’s nearly half the retail value. It’s important to note that although used, demo skis are tuned up by expert technicians before being sold off — making them nearly as good as new. Some demos may have only been worn a few times during the season — making for even more of a steal. Because the skis are such high quality, demo ski sales at the end of a season come with a high level of appeal. Check out UtahSki’s selection of demo skis.

Outlet Power

When spring rolls around, much of the 2018 gear is moved from the shelf to the outlet — making for the opportunity to get your hands on quality gear at a discounted price. The outlet is often the best place to find high quality gear for a low price. Many expert shoppers wait until spring every year to stock up on gear for next season — because let’s face it, next year’s gear isn’t going to be too much better than the previous year’s. Waiting until gear goes to outlet is a great way to save your cash for lift tickets and beers at the ski lodge. Check out UtahSkis’ outlet inventory — you can find ski and snowboard gear, outerwear, clothing, and accessories for both men and women.

Skier attempting a rail trick

Manufacturer Markdowns

Following suit with ski resorts, manufacturers pass on the love to retailers with markdowns at the end of the season. Do you have a specific product or brand in mind? Much of the time manufacturers will have links to retailer markdowns on their official websites. The only downside to manufacturer markdowns is that the selection is often low, which means that the ski jacket or gloves you were looking for might not be available in the exact color you were hoping to get. The answer? Settle for a different color or have alternative products in mind — cash saved is cash saved, regardless if your bright pink ski coat contrasts your lime green gloves next year. If you’re in doubt, look for a good return policy and just give it a try — it might turn out you like a product in real life that didn’t look that appealing in the picture on your computer screen.

Season Passes and Spring Skiing

Yes, spring means ski season is drawing to a close — but that doesn’t mean it’s completely over. Some ski resorts offer free skiing for the remainder of the year if you purchase a 2018-19 season pass in advance. Snowbird, for example, is offering free skiing for the rest of the year if you purchase a 2018-19 season pass now. With a projected closing date around Memorial Day, there’s time for you to get plenty of rides in before the end of the year — and enjoy the shortening chairlift lines. As if that wasn’t good enough, Snowbird is also offering financing for its season pass, which breaks down the payment to $120 per month. In addition, if you decide to purchase demo skis or discount gear now, you still have a chance to try it out before the true end of the season.
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