5 Tips to Keeping Kids Happy on the Slopes

Kids skiing

Get your Kids the finest Ski Equipments

Taking kids skiing can be a challenge. Getting their boots on, fixing their gloves when they fall off, getting them on the lifts, it is a lot of work! However, when your kids are smiling at the end of the day and have had a good time, it makes it all worth it! Ryan Larsen, Ski ‘N See General Manager, has raised all three of his daughters to ski and snowboard. With all of his experience, we decided to ask him for his advice on bringing kids to the slopes. Here are the tips he gave us for keeping smiles on the slopes:

Sun = Smiles

When you are taking a first timer, pick a nice sunny day to go up so they can see what is going on all around them. The afternoons are usually better because the skies have cleared and the sun will be out to keep the kids warm.

Warmth = Smiles

Dress your kids properly from thermals to jacket, pants, helmet, socks, gloves and goggles. Also, if it is a cold day, bring disposable Hand and Toe warmers to put in the kids boots or gloves.

Lessons = Smiles

It can be helpful for kids to be taught by someone other than a parent or friend. Put them in lessons one day, and then you can enjoy having a ski day to yourself!

Treats = Smiles

Pack some candies or goodies in a pocket to help motivate them throughout the day. Or bribe them with a cup of hot cocoa at the end of the day!

Good Attitude = Smiles

Be patient and keep it fun! Try to do all that you can to help your child create a lifelong passion for skiing or riding. Stay positive about their progression, the conditions, the weather, and the experience of being outside sliding on snow. This will help them have a positive attitude and have a fun time on the mountain!


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