Two Reasons To Love February

Person snowboarding on a bluebird day

Hey Folks! It’s that time of year again and there is a lot to be excited about!!! Two really great things happen this time each year.

First, prices are dropping! Now is the best time to get new 2015-2016 gear while we still have your size in stock. Don’t wait, because gear is flying off the shelves with these great deals. This is also a great time to demo skis before you buy. Sign up for our newsletter to hear about exclusive deals. If you are in town, and want to shop in-store, check out any of our 12 locations here.

Second, 2016-2017 demo day is coming up! If you have been on the fence about what pair of skis or snowboard to buy this year, but nothing is really calling your name (or the graphic on the ski you really want is just…dreadful), don’t worry. Our experts are on their way to demo day to test out the new 2016-2017 gear!

A lot of the skis you know and love don’t have any changes for the coming year, but there are plenty of skis that have minor changes that make big differences in performance. Plus, there are many brands that have created an entirely new ski for the coming season.

Are there any specific skis or snowboards that you want to know more about? Now is the time! Comment below what skis or snowboards you would like to see in next week’s blog.

Stay tuned for exclusive reviews, photos and video of the 2016-2017 gear!

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