UtahSkis Summer Yard Sale: 5 Hilarious Yard Sale Videos

The time has come. For most of us our last turns were weeks ago, for some maybe we stretched it longer with a few dirt patches here and there. As UtahSkis Summer Yard Sale begins, let’s pay our respects to some of the great yard sale videos that bring us so much guilty joy.

What is needed for the perfect yard sale? A few rolls, ski’s off for sure, poles somewhere up the hill, maybe some goggles missing. Most importantly, we need some friends there to support us by laughing uncontrollably. We present, 5 hilarious yard sale videos.

The Cowboy Slide

Source: Nate Wixom; Texas Yard Sale Skiing Crash at Snowbird.

One of the more dragged out yard sales on this list. This is a great look into someone who has just given up. This skier is either smart enough to not risk flipping, is tired, or just wants some cold snow down his back. The country music in a nice touch. Like riding a horse, except nothing like that at all.

Hopefully the filmer would be kind enough to bring his ski’s down. Otherwise, good luck hoofin it back up there bud. Luckily our skis have brakes, this guy probably wishes his pants and jacket had some too. Patent pending on those.

“Tommy Bahama”

Source: Steven Pallemaerts; Downhill ski tomahawk.

The Tomahawk, like doing cartwheels except you use your head in place of your hands. The worst part is, it is almost impossible to stop. As explained, this guy landed something sweet and so he came back for more. Sometimes it is best to take our chips and cash out.

The result? A huge headache and a ski right in the bum. Thanks for the entertainment man. We wanted to refrain from any crashes that were too harsh. Since this video was narrated by the skier himself, we figured it would reassure us that he is okay.

Ski Rockets

Source: Jerry of the Day; Double Ejection Backflip.

Certainly leaning back far too much, this creates the perfect angle to turn your ski’s into two rockets upon impact. The combustion creates a very unique and instantaneous yard sale. This would be a great opportunity for our physicist to narrate what is happening. If we had one that is.

Skiing is often a great metaphor for life. Without commitment, not too much good will come. With skiing and with life, if we want something done right, we have to fully commit or not do it at all. Hope your back’s okay dude!

Hey, watch out for that snow!
Source: Andrei Hlushko; Epic ski yard sale.

We’ve all been there, we relax, we’re going through the motions and taking it all in when all of a sudden...we just fall. To put it bluntly, we trip over a piece of snow. Surprisingly, it is much easier than we thought to trip over something as light as a snowflake.

Much like tripping over a perfectly level crack in the sidewalk, we blame something else. In this case...probably our ski’s edges. How do you handle these embarrassing situations? I prefer to act like nothing happened. This is tough when your gear is scattered throughout the slope.

The Yard Sale Wave

Source: Jerry of the Day; Ski Jump Party Wave Style.

Set up much like a synchronized swimming act, it couldn’t have been any better. With bodies flying through the air and crashing, this creates a yard sale with numerous amounts of gear for passerby’s. I am just happy the filmers of these videos have the respect to laugh during all of it

This wave like yard sale could be a new trend, maybe even the next #icebucketchallenge. But probably not. Still, we can’t deny that this a very effective way lots of ski gear pretty quickly.

If two skiers crashed in the exact same way, except one of them lost their skis, poles, goggles, and snacks; for some strange reason that makes it all the more hilarious. It could be the chaos, or maybe it’s the ability to see so much going wrong. One thing is certain, it’s some darn good entertainment.

A lot of us may be mourning an amazing winter season, some of us are stoked for summer activities, some of us won’t accept the end of winter and are heading to the southern hemisphere for round two.

Either way, we will continue to write for your viewing pleasure even in the “off season”. We do hope you enjoyed your stay on our blog today. We are thrilled to see you soon at the UtahSkis Summer Yard Sale.
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