Smith 4D MAG Goggle Review

Bringing together a wide field of view and crisp optics, you get the Smith 4D MAG goggle. Out of Smith's lineup, I tested the 4D MAG S in due to my smaller face shape. I tested out this goggle for the better part of one season, although I plan to continue using it on the upcoming season. With standout optics, incredible fog prevention, and a fast lens-changing system, the 4D MAG is a knockout goggle for 2024.

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Notable Features

BirdsEye Vision The BirdsEye Vision technology increases overall visibility by 25% compared to other goggles in their I/O Mag line. It is easily identifiable by the curve of the lens at the base of the goggle.
ChromaPop Lenses Smith's ChromaPop technology filters out two wavelengths of light that causes color confusion for enhanced definition and a clearer view. With multiple options, there is a ChromaPop lens for any condition.
MAG Technology Strong and weatherproof magnets guide lenses to anchor points for easy swaps. Once the lens is in place, double locking mechanisms keep the lens secure.

Visibility and Performance

The BirdsEye Vision really left an impression on me. With a noted 25% increase in visibility through the curve of the lens, I noticed the difference as soon as I put them on. It took me some time to adjust to the added visibility and slight distortion at the curve in the lens. After about an hour or so, I fully adjusted and enjoyed the fuller view I had. Other than that, I was easily able to see my jacket pockets and strap into my bindings without having to turn my head downwards to see due to the peripheral view these goggles allow for. Even with the smaller frame shape, my field of vision wasn't negatively affected by it.

Paired with the BirdsEye Vision technology is Smith's ChromaPop technology. I had tried out Smith's ChromaPop technology before with my Squad MAG Goggles from 2021 and noticed how much clearer I was able to see. At the time when I first got my Squad MAGs, I was living and riding in Washington state where ski days were usually lowlight days. With ChromaPop, I was able to see on any lowlight day that Washington threw at me. Every bit of terrain I hit was completely clear even if the skies weren't. However, when it was a plain whiteout, there isn't much hope no matter what lens you have. Visibility just sucks.

Now that I'm in Utah, and trying ChromaPop on those amazing bluebird days we get here, I couldn't believe how clear every color appeared. Every feature in the snow stood out to me so there weren't any surprise kickers that caught me off guard. My sensitive eyes (I'm a sunglasses on even during cloudy days kinda person) weren't burning or squinting from the bright light, which is huge for me. I felt that my eyes were properly protected and I didn't have to squint from the harsh light bouncing off snow like I have in the past with non-ChromaPop lenses.

Bringing together the enhanced field of view and ChromaPop technology into the 4D MAG S sets the bar for unparalleled visibility. Of course for some, this level of visibility may be overkill. But for myself, I don't think I can ever go back to anything else. So much so, the 4D MAG S has become my go-to just for how much better the visibility is for me. And when I can see, I feel more confident as I ride.


Holy comfort. I tried the small frame size of the 4D MAG line, and it fit my face so well - it felt snug, but there was no awkward squeezing or pressure points. The triple-layer foam molded to the shape of my face for an all-day comfortable fit. I have worn them with the Smith Method and Code helmets, and the goggles fit seamlessly with both. There wasn't any nose-squishing or gaper gap to worry about. However, I have not tried them with any other helmet to compare. Overall, I was satisfied with the fit of the 4D MAG S goggles.


I was impressed by the overall quality of the goggle. For a higher price point, it's definitely expected. And Smith delivered in my opinion. I place high value on visibility, durability, and the extras were a great perk. It comes with a bonus lens (one lowlight and bright light lens total), and a hard-sized travel case. The travel case features a dedicated storage for the extra lens when not in use and some ventilation for any moisture that gets inside. As someone that takes a lot of ski trips (flying or roadtrips), it gives me a sense of relief knowing my goggles are protected.

By: Katie Rosenfelt / Last Updated: September 13, 2023